Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something Really Silly . . .

. . . and then I'll go deadhead roses.

I was being a little negative in my last post about the chemo baldness covering catalog the Cancer Center gave me on Thursday. But I have to admit that the models all looked very nice in their hats and turbans and scarves. And I don't think it's just because they're all young and high-cheekboned and wrinkle-free.

I have some scarves in my wardrobe, and I was online last night looking up tying techniques. I found some really cute ones here. But I found one site, which I will not link to out of consideration for the cancer-patient model, where the look was depressing and just plain awful, no matter how many twists and tails she gave it.

Was it because she was older and chubbier and jowlier than the girls in the paper catalog? Was I looking at her and thinking, "Oy vey, is that the best I'm going to look in a scarf? Yuck!"

But then I discovered what was wrong. The model in question had a low forehead to start with. And then she had tied every last one of her scarf styles tight, tight, tight to her head, just a little below her (former) hairline. No matter what style she sported, she looked as if somebody had sliced off the top of her head à la Thomas à Becket and the scarf was just bandaging the gory wound.

Give the paper catalog company credit. All their hats and turbans are built up in the crown, all their pre-tied scarves are worn down just above the eyebrows, and they all look stylish and cute. What's more, they sell a little quilted cotton cap and a padded scarf liner you can wear under your scarves and kerchiefs to add height and volume. Good thinking!

I'll keep this in mind. High and tight-- tacky. Low and loose, lovely.

Now I really go gotta deadhead roses!

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