Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coming Through

This past Monday was my last chemo session!  GodwillingGodwillingGodwil-ling that's the last of the Taxel and the Carboplatin.

I should have been done the last Monday in September, but my persistently-low white cell counts made it necessary that my treatments have four weeks between them, not three, after the second infusion in early July.

Anyway, all six are past now, and I've really come through it pretty well, considering.  My eyelashes, eyebrows, and most of my head hair are gone, but I expected that.  I never lost my sense of taste and actually gained about three pounds.  My luck, right?  It's just that every time I'd think of eating raw vegetables out of my garden, I'd get a scratchy feeling in my tummy and headed for the bread and pasta instead.  Everybody says my color is good (whatever that means), and with the wigs I manage to pass for healthy with people who don't know me well.

I am being annoyed with a spot of peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes, since my fifth treatment the end of September.  My toes feel continually like there's crud between them, and my fingertips sometimes feel like sausages.  But they don't actually hurt and I do all right, regardless.  I mean, I can still fasten my jewelry and obviously, I can use a keyboard.

About the only thing that's bugging me in any real way just now is a bronchial infection I developed about a week and a half ago when I overdid it raking leaves a few days in a row and can't seem to shake.  This is a real joy (not), since I'm heading into my lowest white cell count.  I wasn't able to come in to teach when I was called this past week, and won't be able to until this clears up.

Here's the funny thing, though:  It really looks like my head hair is already trying to come back!  I noticed this on Tuesday, the day after No. Six.  Little white or light blonde spikes, all over my head.  They say it's supposed to grow in baby-soft and fine, but this definitely feels prickly to me.

Oh, well.  At least it's not red, like some bright soul suggested.  Not that I have anything against redheads; I just don't have the coloring for it.