Monday, June 08, 2009


Lately I've noticed that half my wardrobe I can't even fasten up any more. I have neither the time, money, nor desire to replace it, so I must lose some weight. Not a prodigious amount-- fifteen pounds would do it; even ten would go far towards solving the problem.

So about two weeks ago I began, and thanks to some simple measures like not eating after 9:00 PM and taking an omega blood sugar formula and not buttering my toast I'm already down four pounds or so.

But now comes an interruption that which threatens to stop and reverse my progress, a catastrophe involving falling plaster and an unexpected setback in my house renovations. This leads to nerves, which generates excess adrenalin and crashing blood sugar, which means I want to eat something, anything, NOW, even if I had a meal only an hour or two ago. And I can't think straight until I have.

Not good, especially since being too fat will keep me from squeezing around the ladder on the stairs.

I'll try stuffing my face with lettuce from the garden. I'm not too optimistic that'll do the trick, but we'll see.