Thursday, March 04, 2010

Exploratory Surgery

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn (6:30 AM) I'm due at the hospital in downtown Pittsburgh for exploratory surgery.

Well, ok, for a D&C. The other day at my first appointment with my gynecological oncologist, he examined me and said, "This doesn't feel like a cancer."

That doesn't mean we get out the bells and trumpets and kick up a celebration. No. But it is hopeful. Better odds than before.

However, says he, "That bleeding you're having. That ovary's not causing that. We need to do a D&C and see what's going on there."

So that's what's happening tomorrow. In and out the same day.

They'll biopsy whatever they find. Whatever it is, I still have to get the whole works out, which will happen March 25th. When that occurs, far as I can tell, best case scenario will be that the mass on my right ovary turns out to be a belated, post-menopausal fibroid and the bleeding was caused by, say, endometriosis.

Worst case would be that the tumor is, after all, a big nasty cancer and it's spread to my uterus. And who knows where else.

Best or worst case, it's all in the hands of God (with some help from the hands of my surgeon), and that's the best place for it. My job is to go get some sleep.

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