Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good News

Quick bulletin, then I have to get back to cleaning the house:

I had my liver ultrasound on Friday morning. Before I headed for the hospital to get it, I called my surgeon's office. Nurse told me the CT scan had shown an "indeterminate lesion on the left hepatic lobe." Not a mass, she said, but it was showing more dense than water (water would be good, since that would be a benign cyst).

Well, I heard from the surgeon's office yesterday morning. The findings? The "indeterminate lesion" is a benign cyst. No malignancy. Perfectly harmless, perfectly normal. People get them all the time. Nothing needs to be done with it.

They had me run up to the local hospital Friday afternoon to pick up the CD with the CT scan pictures. Of course, I stuck it into my computer . . . Happily, I'd been researching on line about liver lesions, so I knew what to look for and didn't panic from confusing the ordinary liver structure for masses and malignancies. Yeah, I could see what they needed to know more about. It was dark, like water would show, but not dark enough.

And on the Web, I found out that ultrasound is often used to complement CT scans when dealing with indeterminate lesions, because one can show/confirm what the other can not.

And praise God! my ultrasound showed that as to my liver, all is well.

Still gotta get the ovarian tumor out day after tomorrow, and God willing, my surgeon is right and it'll prove to be only a cyst, too.

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