Saturday, March 06, 2010


Outpatient surgery yesterday went well. And I'm blessed in that I have no trouble with anesthesia, before, during, or after.

And . . . how to say this without TMI . . . ? Let's just say that apparently it's been verified that the symptoms that got me to my gynecologist's in the first place-- the pain and the bleeding-- had nothing whatsoever to do with the mass on my ovary, and were, in themselves, annoying but harmless.

Meaning that it was a happy coincidence, or an act of Providence, rather, that caused this tumor to be discovered at this point.

The cancer surgeon is still pretty confident that it's benign. Hope he's right.

And it still has to come out. Along with everything else in there, what fun. That's in less than three weeks. All sorts of things I gotta do before then!