Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oops! I Forgot!

Back in October or whenever, I wound up posting my Great Britannic Adventure diary from 1989. And I thought that come December I'd do the same with my Shoestring European Grand Tour journal. That was from Christmas vacation 1988, and wouldn't it be cool to do each day's entry on its exact anniversary date?

But until this afternoon, I forgot. And that trip started on December 6th, 1988.

And that journal is not all typed up.

And I've got a lot to do around here.

So maybe I will post it, maybe I won't.

Maybe I'll backdate, and maybe not.

I'll think about it.

What do you, my mighty handful of readers, say?


whiskers said...

Please, please, please post it. The dates don't matter, what matters is that through you people can use the internet not only to connect to people they would not otherwise be able to meet, (you), but to experience things through your unique viewpoint. And I love reading what you write.

{{{{hugs for St. Blogwen}}}}


Viola Larson said...

Just do it please. I love reading other peoples adventures in Europe.

Marlene said...

I looked forward to each entry from your previous travels. Please post it.