Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hodie Christus Natus Est! Alleluia!

Presenting this year's carol. May it in some small way be worthy of its subject.

The angel came to Mary
And said, "Hail, full of grace!
For you shall bear the Savior

Of Adam’s fallen race!"
In wonder Mary listened

To this amazing word,
Then said to him, "Here now behold

The handmaid of the Lord.
"O could I but proclaim it,
O, that I might tell:
That I shall bear the Son of God,
The Lord, Immanuel!"

To Judah’s hills came Mary,
To Lizabeth the old,

The blessed news to say to her,
The angel had foretold.
All great with child, her cousin
Gave greeting in her joy,
And in her womb her quickened son
Announced the holy Boy.
"O could I but proclaim it,
O, that I might tell:
That in me grows the Mighty One,
The Lord, Immanuel!"

To Beth’lem Mary travelled
With Joseph, gentle spouse,
But nowhere could they lay their heads
In any lodging house.
At last, within a stable
With floor of beaten earth,
While ox and ass stood dumbly by,
Our Savior came to birth.
"O could I but proclaim it,
O, that I might tell:
Thus humbly comes the King of kings,
The Lord, Immanuel!"

The shepherds came to Mary
To see with their own eyes
The blessed Child with praise announced
By angels in the skies.
Then, joyful through the village,
The news they did impart,
But filled with wonder, Mary kept
It treasured in her heart.
"Too wondrous to proclaim it,
O, miracle to tell:
A manger holds the Prince of Peace,
The Lord, Immanuel!"

To Salem’s town came Jesus,
He came to Calvary’s hill,
He hung upon a felon’s cross,
Our ransom to fulfil.
The angels hid their faces,
Creation held its breath,
When Mary’s Child, the Lord of life,
Drank deep of bitter death.

Unworthy we to speak it,
O, with sadness tell:
Our sin has slain the Lamb of God,
The Lord, Immanuel!

The Marys to the garden,
Bereft and all forlorn,
Came sadly to their Master’s tomb
And there to weep and mourn.
The earth shook with rejoicing,
The stone was rolled away!
The angel spoke, "Christ has come forth
In victory today!"

O could we but proclaim it,
O, that we might tell:
That risen is the Son of Man,
The Lord, Immanuel!

With trembling awe they heard it,
The word the angel gave,
And glad and speechless ran away
From Jesus’ empty grave.
Then Jesus stood before them,
As at His feet they fell--
"I live forever for your sake!
Now quickly, go and tell!"

O Christian, go proclaim it,
Let all the faithful tell:
Redeemed us has the Son of God,
Our Lord, Immanuel!

The music for it is written, the first draft at least. Soon as I can, I'll figure out how to post an audio clip. Meanwhile, a merry and blessed Christmas to you all!


whiskers said...

*gasp* How beautiful!

thank you!

St. Blogwen said...

Glad you liked it. That's an incentive to figure out how to get the music posted. (I've got a friend, a real musician, coming over tomorrow to play the score and help me get rid of any egregious mistakes. I can't even play the piano!)

Viola Larson said...

So beautiful--and so complete. The whole gospel.

St. Blogwen said...

It always strikes me that the Incarnation is pointless without the crucifixion and resurrection and so on . . .

Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful!