Saturday, July 23, 2011

Down But Not Out

I guess.

Quick bulletin:  Passed my ELA multiple choice exam with a scaled score of 377, which puts me in the "distinguished" range.

But I didn't finish my essay, which puts me in the flunking range.

So sometime in the next six months I gotta do it all over.  Maybe by then I will have read all the stuff on the lit list and I'll already have a clue what to say about the prompt.  The one I got I think I may've read before, but not so recently I already had any organizational ideas about it.

Other things were involved in me ploughing this, but no time to rant or moan about them now.  Still have a sermon to write.


Miss Kitty said...

You'd be surprised how many folks are in the same boat as you. My experience with the PRAXIS exam was just like that (Georgia K-12 no longer uses PRAXIS, but this was in 2002-03). It had been YEARS since I'd last written an essay, and for the life of me I couldn't remember the name of the girl Jay Gatsby's obsessed with in The Great Gatsby...but I scored 99% on the content area knowledge.

Hang in there, St. B. Next time, you'll blow the test out of the water. (((HUGS))) I have complete confidence in you.

Miss Kitty said...

By the way, St. B: Your silk blouse dilemma is in the Why Architects Drink edition of Ask Mom™...

Miss Kitty said...

Sorry to comment yet again on the same post, but I wanted to direct you to a glamorous 1940s Butterick pattern reissue:

It's rated "Easy," comes in sizes up to 24, and is on sale right now for $2.99! (I bought it last year but haven't done anything with it.)

Miss Kitty said...

Nice wrap from Dress A Day! With some searching on Etsy & eBay, I bet you could find it; it couldn't have been an unpopular pattern. I'll also look through my mom's old pattern stash to see if she has anything similar; if so, I'll let you know.

St. Blogwen said...

Miss Kitty, thanks!

Currently I'm trying to get ahold of somebody at the quasi-governmental agency that administers my program to see about getting an extension. Their phone voice mail isn't working and I've gotten no reply to the email I sent last week. Frustrating and weird.