Friday, December 10, 2010

Two Lines

Two lines to say that my CT scan from November 18th was clean, my CA-125 blood test number is low (which is good), and I got a very cheerful No Evidence of Disease pronouncement from my chemo doctor at my visit on November 22nd. 

He says I won't have to get another scan until six months out.  With my cancer having been caught so early and treated so aggressively, there's no point in exposing me to the radiation at quarterly intervals.  I'll have another blood test and visit in February, but that's all.

Unless the CA-125 levels are up.  But we won't invite trouble and expect that.

My head hair is about 3/16" long now, all white, or maybe it's platinum blond?  The eyebrows are returning, too, in a pale gray.  I hope that's won't be their final color.  Not sure about the eyelashes-- I'm so farsighted I can't see if they're coming back yet, even looking in the magnifying mirror!  I'll have to get somebody to look for me.

So now if I can get the rest of the copay bills discharged, I'll be on my way to putting this behind me.

God willing, of course.

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