Sunday, July 04, 2010

Transitional Hairdo

Here's what I had done to my hair last Tuesday, after which my friend Frieda* and I went and gorged ourselves at the Chinese buffet.  Now I'm no longer leaving bits of myself on the shrubs in the yard, and my hair doesn't feel so much like an alien entity perching on my head.

We didn't get any After shots that evening, because my stoopy camera was eating brand-new batteries like my dog would gobble up a piece of dropped raw meat.  But here's one I took in the bathroom mirror this evening.

Oh, yes, the problem-child wig is the one you see on the styrofoam head on the left in the background.  Looks better on it than it does on me!


Archaeo-lab-girl said...

That's not a bad look on you darling! (btw, it's Whiskers. I've got a blogger identity now)


St. Blogwen said...

Ah! Woman of a thousand names!

Of course, so are we all in these internetted times! I think of your archaeo work every time I dig up some new artifact in my garden. The other day it was a kind of knurled and threaded glass stopper thing. Not intact, I'm sorry to say.

Merci du complement. I'm sure I'll sport this do again when my hair starts growing back.