Monday, October 05, 2009

Fork in the Road?

I got my renewal papers for my out-of-state architectural license today, and they weren't exactly welcome.

It's not that I mind renewing my license. No, indeed. Just the opposite. The problem wasn't the renewal form, per se, it was the notice that came with it. As I'd read previously in the registration board newsletter, my home state will henceforth be strictly enforcing continuing education requirements, and if you haven't fulfilled yours in the past year, you should go on inactive status and can no longer call yourself or practice as an architect.

I don't want to go on inactive status. I want to keep my license active and current to maintain myself some semblance of marketability. But I haven't been able to gain any continuing ed credits this past year-- it's just too expensive. I mean, here I am, barely scraping by on part time work, and I'm supposed to blow $500 on a one-day conference for a couple of credit hours? That's the typical price for these continuing ed offers I get in the mail.

So I'm stuck. I have till the end of the year to do something about it. Between now and then I could find out how I'd get reactivated, once I put myself on the inactive list. Barring a miracle (like getting a full time job with a lot of Lunch-and-Learn continuing ed sessions where I can fulfill the requirements painlessly and for free), I don't see how it can be avoided.

I see myself heading down a road I don't want to travel. And from here, it looks like a dead end.


Sarah said...

Hi! So, I haven't been able to check out your other blogs yet; but I wanted to say thanks for the comments! Keep them coming.

Do any of these expensive conferences offer any type of financial aid? I sure hope you can find a way to keep up your license!

Starnana said...

KaTHY, CAN YOU GET ANY HELP W/ CONTINUING ED FR UNEMPLOYMENT? tHAT'S HOW bRUCE HAS PROCURED THE CLASSES HE'S TAKEN TO ESTABLISH HIS NEW VOCATION. tHEY HAVE BEEN WONDERFUL. fEEL FREE TO CALL HIM FOR QUESTIONS..ON HIS CELL. cAN' T WAIT FOR mONDAY, HOW'S YOUR THROAT. aVA GOT MY BUG LAST NIGHT( BUT STILL GOT TO WeAR HEr COSTUME THAT "Pap Pap" picked out for her/. She couuldn't believe all you had to do was walk u to people and they would give you candy. She was more proud of the Purple pumpkin bucket than the candy inside. We had fun! See ya soo...J

Anonymous said...
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bevcha7 said...

Just found your blog researching Belhar Confession. Thank you. About the continuing education, ask the,licensing board if you can go on provisional status instead of inactive. Also check out the on-line and CD courses for Civil Engineers. The structures will qualify for architecture and there are a few for less than $75. Also the board probably requires ethics every two years. Since you are ordained and can actually teach from the source (Scripture) ask the board to allow you next elder training class to cover this provision.
Just some thoughts. BEV Reluctant Presbyterian in NM