Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Wonder

I preached this morning for the first time since early January.

Don't know what the lack of engagements is about. I worked nearly half the Sundays last year. Maybe with the economy the way it is, churches without pastors are getting one of their elders to preach for free, to save the expense of an ordained pulpit supply preacher.

Anyway, about this morning and other Sunday mornings when I've stood at the door shaking hands after the benediction: What do people mean when they come up to you smiling and say they "enjoyed" your sermon?

That it entertained them?

That it said everything they expected it to say, so their Sabbath day ease went undisturbed?

That it gave them something interesting to think about?

Or maybe, just maybe, do they mean your preaching raised them up to a higher and stronger knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ, our crucified and risen Lord? And that's the best way they can describe their experience?

One can only hope.

But if I'd just had the death of the Law and the life of the Gospel lobbed at me from the pulpit, I'm not sure "enjoy" is the word I'd use.

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