Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where It All Started

When I started posting entries from my journal of my 1989 Great Britannic Adventure, I'd forgotten what it was that made me pull the book off my shelf and read it, three or four months ago.

Now I've remembered.

It was reading in some other woman's blog about her and her husband's trip to England. She described going to Durham Cathedral and wondered what that odd kind of porch or narthex was that's tacked onto the west end.

It's the Galilee Chapel, and instead of getting out one of my architecture history books to refresh my memory about it, I chose to read my own experience of it instead.

And then skipped back to the beginning of my travel journal, and read the whole thing.

I wish I could remember whose blog that was. And how I ended up on it. If I ever locate it again, I'll link the relevant entry here.

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