Thursday, December 06, 2007


No, not the house, the blog.

I really don't [didn't] like the long, trailing tag list I've got [I used to have] on this site. I've seen other Blogspot blogs with assemblages of tags in fonts of various colors and sizes, and think I, why can't I have that, too?

But it's hard to add a feature to your blog if you don't know what it's called so you can search for help on it.

Well, just the other day, I found out that's called a "tag cloud." Hurray! I entered it into the Blogger Help search engine. And the results directed me to the Technorati site, where I made me a tag cloud for another one of my blogs,

Hmmm . . . Seems to have picked up the tags, but the colors are [were] off. And what's with this "top tags" business? I want all of them, so I can get rid of the long tag list!

So I tried Blogger Help again. This time, a fellow user's comment took me to This site gives me more options about background, colors, etc.

But what is this? ZoomCloud hasn't converted my tags, it's culled words and phrases from my posts and their titles! Not too useful, when you like to play with metaphor and quotation as I do. And there's still that everlasting tag list hanging out on my blog. Not what I want.

Well, I'll leave it for now. I have actual decorating to do, for Christmas and on my house in general. But if any helpful readers could direct me to a site that can make me the cloud tag widget I need, I'd be ever so grateful.


Sandy said...

I found this on Google:


You can view a working demo of the Category Cloud here:


The latest version of the Category Cloud widget can be downloaded from the official WordPress Plugins Directory (here). Alternatively you can get a copy direct from the SVN repository (trunk).

I don't know much about blogs (other than I enjoy reading them), but I see references to WordPress all the time. Hope this helps!

Sandy said...

Did that info help? I sure hope so.

St. Blogwen said...

It helped indirectly. WordPress and Blogger aren't compatible, but your comment helped me word my search for the right thing better. I'm not quite sure of the colors still, but what I want is basically there!