Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

Gosh, that was a noble resolution in my last post, wasn't it?

What grand plans go crashing to earth under the influence of a few million viral germs! When I wrote it I was experiencing a little innocuous congestion, by the following Tuesday I was losing my voice, by Wednesday, I'd been to the doctor's, and by the next Friday I put myself to bed till the Tuesday thereafter. I haven't got back on schedule yet.

By today, the bronchitis is almost gone. And I did get some work done in the interval. I've completed the contract I had with my former employer. Last weekend I did a lot of digging in my garden. And I've started two new blogs: one, "DogMogBlog," about adventures with my four-legged kids, and the other, "The Sow's Ear," which is supposed to shame me into getting the needed repair and remodelling work done on this, my boring beige house. I've put some reinforcement behind that by signing the new house web log up with

But oh, did my projected schedule get shot!

Well, let's unshoot it. The executive presbyter of my presbytery told me last night that the Committee on Ministry is considering me for a Designated Pastor position. That'd be a nice fulltime responsibility--fulltime-plus. And then I'll wish I had the leisure to take care of things around here that I do now.

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