Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wennie Gets Her Fifteen Minutes!

Rhadwen's profile is up on the Meankitty Gallery at! She says I took long enough getting around to writing her publicity piece, only pounding it out in the waning minutes of 2006. As if I didn't have enough to do! And then the wait for Meankitty's Typing Slave post it.

But now, there it is, and Rhadwen invites one and all to go to and see what a fierce and selfless cat she is (not). She's not sure how it will affect her reputation, but I tell her, her reputation proceeds her. As with the current cat sitter who creeps in, fills the food dish, and escapes before Rhadders can use her jeans leg as a scratching post.

I've moved the birdfeeder to the side yard outside the dining room window. Wennie asks, since it's so close to the dining room, why don't I just open the window and let her dine? As it is, she gazes at the feathered visitors and dreams . . .

Even so, it's Llewellyn who has scored the latest bird. Obviously, he cornered it on the back porch, scarfed it down, and thereafter upchucked it whole onto the study carpet. Oh, lovely. Thank God for lots of paper towels!

And no, I did not take a picture of that!

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Sparx said...

Hi - aha, a fellow animal lover! Sammy would be quite happy if I moved the bird feeder closer to the window but unfortunately for him there is nowhere to hang it so he must lie in the garden looking hopeful.

Thanks for the comment and advice about baby clothes on my blog, very thoughtful!