Saturday, April 23, 2005

Magdalen: In Memoriam

Maddie and Rhadwen, this past January 22nd

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Heddiw said...

Annwyl St. Blogwen,
This blog entry came to my attention because I placed a Google Alert on the Welsh-Room-at-Pitt website. It scares me because the (Lutheran) church I attend is at the end of the first year of doing something about repairing, remodelling and adding to the existing building.
Until four or five years ago, I was a lifelong Presbyterian. My former congregation needs an interim pastor, and they are going to search for a part-time pastor. Small church. Interesting community. And they've hosted two gymanfa ganu - in 1999 and 2000. The fulltime pastor stepped down only a couple of months ago. Keep an eye on them .. First Presbyterian Church, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

And come to Sage College, Albany, New York for Cwrs Cymraeg Yr Ymerodraeth .. The Empire Course (in the Empire State). July 22-29. It's a residential Welsh Language Course that moves around North America.

Shirley McKee, Beavercreek, Ohio